New Product Announcement, SmartWatch-PXO, a pedestrian crossing monitoring and flash activation system.

As cities have begun focusing increasingly on active road users there is a great deal of infrastructure being built to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. Yet, few tools are available to monitor their utilization or effectiveness. The Ramudden Digital SmartWatch-PXO System uses video analytics to collect information on pedestrian crossing (PXO) utilization and vehicle compliance while also actuating supplemental flash activation. Even better, the SmartWatch can be retrofit to nearly any existing existing PXO, turning them into an intelligent crossing providing both real-time data collection and safety enhancements.

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Stinson ITS Rebranded as Ramudden Digital, North America

VAUGHAN, ON, Sept. 12, 2023 /CNW/ – Stinson ITS Inc., part of the Ramudden Canada group of companies, is excited to announce a significant milestone – the company is rebranding as Ramudden Digital, North America.

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Traffic Sensors

Traffic Sensors (detectors) are an excellent way to manage inconsistent traffic flow effectively and are the “eyes and ears” that enable all the “smart” functions that are trying to be achieved. Traffic sensing technology is about much more than simply monitoring vehicles these days; it’s about truly understanding the complete picture by taking into account all modes of transportation.

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Central Software

Central Software solutions offer users the necessary means to remotely monitor, collect and analyze relevant traffic data via cloud-based integrations that work seamlessly with our Intelligent Transportation Systems. We have the expertise to assist with every single aspect of your project, from early design consultations to implementation and maintenance.

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Road Safety Devices

Road Safety Devices are indicators, signs and signal devices used to notify, guide and regulate both traffic and pedestrians. Typically used adjacent to, or along highways, roadways and other public areas that require traffic control. Working closely with you, our team of traffic control specialists helps you select the right equipment to fit your specific roadway application.

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Intelligent Warning Systems

Intelligent Warning Systems make both intersections and roadways considerably much safer by utilizing super-bright LED’s along with smart technology to demand the attention of drivers, in both daylight and nighttime hours. All of our Intelligent Warning Systems come with value-added solar technology, one less thing for you to worry about with super-simple installation.

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Custom ATMS Software

Custom ATMS Software solutions provide users with the necessary means to remotely monitor, collect and analyze relevant traffic data via cloud-based integrations that work seamlessly with our Intelligent Transportation Systems. These ATMS softwares can be customized to integrate you’re your field devices such as radars, travel time sensors, cameras and school zone flashers. These custom ATMS software provide easy map-based user interfaces for convenient monitoring, data analysis and control of your field devices. Contact us for all your customized needs.

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Automated Enforcement Solutions

The automated speed enforcement system provides full information about latest speed infringements, frequent speeders, and related statistics. Depending on your needs the system can be recustomized to also act as a parking and speed enforcement solution. The automated mobile phone detection system detects drivers using a phone for calls, text and data purposes and displays messages on variable message signs.

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Work Zone Solutions

Our Smart Work Zone solutions utilize powerful software for the purpose of data collection and data analysis to provide motorists with fully automated traffic information about oncoming traffic conditions in real-time.

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