About Us

Ramudden Digital is a full-service, traffic management and traffic safety company, committed to the ongoing growth and integration of intelligent transportation technologies to save lives and promote sustainability across Canada. We are proud to be partnered with the very best technology providers in the ITS market offering exceptional products and services. Our portfolio includes traffic sensors, road safety devices, intelligent warning systems, custom ATMS software, automated enforcement, and Work Zone Safety.

Our Team

Our diverse and talented team, has the expertise to assist with every aspect of a project, from early design consultations to implementation to long term operation and maintenance.

Our History

Stinson ITS Inc. O/A Ramudden Digital was founded in 2020 after five years of continued success as a former division of Stinson. They are a traffic technology company based in Vaughan, Ontario that distributes and integrates a wide variety of traffic management hardware and software solutions. This includes industry-leading permanent traffic sensor systems as well as temporary work zone digital traffic management technologies.

Ramudden Global

Ramudden Global is a network of infrastructure safety companies providing urban and high-speed traffic management, arboriculture, digital services, and specialisms in infrastructure safety. With over 4,500 employees across 12 countries, their mission is β€˜to get people home safely every day.’ It inspires their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, sharing ideas and solutions to lead the way in innovation and governance to become a force for good-A caring force for a safer world.

In-House Product Development

As the traffic industry has moved from traditional technology to more advanced automated systems, we have striven to keep pace with these changes and position ourselves as an innovator. In line with this technology shift Ramudden Digital has designed a number of in-house technologies, AIS, our advanced Bluetooth & Wi-Fi sensor devices, non-Intrusive traffic counting sensors, portable camera trailers, portable vehicle detection trailers and TC31A automated truck exit warning systems.

Mission & Values

With extensive project experience to back up our credentials Ramudden Digital, has been operating with the same core team for well over 5 years. We stand ready to deliver this solution in a timely and profession manor, utilizing our industry-leading technical expertise.

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