By leveraging machine learning models and extracting actionable data from cameras sensors, AMAG’s technology empowers cities with the data they need to proactively identify potential conflicts and hazards, leading to early interventions and prioritized safety measures.

Measure, Analyze, and Save with AMAG's SMART Digital Platform

Meet SMART. It’s our Safe Mobility Alert Real Time (SMART) Digital Platform to support Vision Zero and Safe Systems approaches globally. Using video analytics, AI, deep learning, and advanced econometrics, AMAG has developed predictive analytics to boost road safety.

Dive deep into your traffic data with predictive analysis and suggested remedies as you progress.

Real-time monitoring of your network. Receive instant alerts and notifications through simple to understand activity logs.

Survey traffic flow and average speeds through real-time, digital channels to improve on and replace manual strategies.

Access all your traffic monitoring data, insights, and analytics at a glance through your SMART dashboard.

Use real-time data, interpreted by AI, to save lives, reduce crashes and incidents, and create a SMART city with the very best efficiencies.

With the SMART Platform, your team and network will enjoy unmatched insights into your road users, with never-before-seen efficiencies. Comprising five different platforms rolled into one, SMART Platform allows you to monitor the road in real-time with SMART Operations, collect reliable data fit with insights with SMART Survey, and improve road safety in months, not years with SMART Safety.

Why use SMART Platform?

The SMART Digital Platform enables transport management agencies to Monitor, Manage, Maintain, and Mitigate risks associated with Mobility of all road users on their transport networks. The platform is fundamentally unique compared to other available technologies owing to its unique characteristics that support:

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• Rapid and reliable crash risk assessment for all road users
• End-to-end transport network risk assessment coverage
• SaaS delivery, with Platform that can be accessed repeatedly to address different safety queries
• Both real-time and diagnostic (retrospective) road user safety analytics modules
• Risk and operational performance information for all types of road users
• Operations (real-time monitoring), maintenance (deterioration of road safety), management (black spot identification and rectification), and mitigation (improvement) functions of government agencies
• Alert (or Exception) driven transport network safety and operations monitoring—alerting system mangers when operations are outside of ‘normal’ operations
• Extensive risk and safety benchmarking for valuable comparative analysis
• Crash forecasting under current and future road-user conditions
• Multiple conflict-related metrics related to crash causation based on extensive research
• State of the art video analytics with marketleading tracking and

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SMART Safety doesn't wait for crashes to happen. It predicts them.

Dive deep into transportation analytics with SMART Safety. For too long, local governments, councils, and transportation staff have been relying on years’ worth of data to assess safety on the roads. And often, organizations spend years and years waiting for worthwhile data to work with. SMART Safety doesn’t wait for crashes to happen. It monitors near-misses, finds the trends of traffic behaviors, and provides insight into the likelihood and causes of accidents at each analyzed intersection and roadway, protecting the vulnerable road users and making the road safer for everyone. SMART Safety means you can make actionable decisions sooner.

Heat Maps

Find Road Conflicts.
As a valuable Safe Systems tool, heat maps make it simple to understand traffic, road patterns, intersection analysis, and actual conflicts at a glance. To create a more in-depth analysis, SMART Systems allows you to configure heat maps to show you specific road users and types of conflicts.


Understand Risks.
How are the road users interacting with the road? What about their traveling speeds? The angles they turn on? You can visualize all of these factors through transportation analytics of SMART Safety trajectories.

Evaluation Tool

Evaluate Road Changes.
You’ve analyzed the roads and intersections, and you’ve made the necessary changes. Now? You can evaluate your progress with SMART Safety’s Evaluation Tool and benchmark the improvements in road safety.

Here's how the platform works

AI analyzes weeks worth of data

With AMAG, a camera will be set up to monitor the road, intersection, roundabout (traffic circle), or slip lane of your choice. We’ll record data for two to three weeks. Then we’ll analyze the roads using AI technology. Our algorithm factors in the vehicle type, the speed, the traffic, and even the angle the vehicle turns on as it passes through an intersection or corridor.

You make road safety decisions sooner

The algorithm translates weeks’ worth of data into trends, taking all factors into account. Then, it shows you the trends, providing insight into when, where, and most importantly, why road safety might be compromised, putting vulnerable road users in danger. Instead of the traditional five to ten years required in the past to make these decisions, we can make and implement improvements in months.

Then, SMART analysis gives us a before and after comparison

We’ve performed the road and intersection analysis, you’ve found the dangers and the pitfalls, and you’ve implemented changes to improve the road’s safety. Now, we need to make sure it works. Just like the first time, we’ll record the road for another two to three weeks and collect all the data. Then, using the Evaluation Tool, we’ll benchmark the progress you’ve made in the road’s safety.

SMART Operations bolsters your team with real-time traffic monitoring.

SMART Operations is a real-time traffic monitoring and analysis into traffic management providing a core piece of the Safe Systems approach. Give your operations team the resources they need to effectively monitor and control road safety and traffic. SMART Operations monitors your network around the clock. Then, when a significant event happens, the relevant member of your team will receive an alert so they can act. This tool gives your team a comprehensive overview of the network, allowing you to act and rectify on-road conflicts as they happen.

Cameras monitor the road. AI alerts you when you need to take action.

Real-time alerts

Take Informed Action.
SMART Operations monitors traffic and incidents in real-time. Your designated team members will automatically receive alerts when they need to take action.


Understand Your Network.
Automatically track and identify road users in your network. You’ll know exactly which users are traveling through your intersection at any time of the day.


Find User Interaction Data.
Receive live updates on average speeds for your site or network, broken down by time of day and type of road user from large and small vehicles to bicyclists and pedestrians.

Here's how the platform works

You set up a camera, then AI works it out

Set up a camera to monitor your site, intersection, corridor, or traffic network. As real-time recordings are received, our SMART AI will classify vehicle types, monitor speeds, and identify incidents — like accidents or traffic build ups, and threats to vulnerable road users.

Your designated team members will receive alerts when it's time to take action.

You can assign alerts for specific types of incidents. So, when something happens in your network and someone needs to act, the right team member will receive an alert so they can rectify the issue.

You'll have all the traffic monitoring data available to draw on at any time.

The flows you can see in real-time are so useful. So, with SMART Operations, we make sure you can draw on them at any time. Find the cause of previous incidents or accidents and gain a clearer understanding of traffic flows, road users, and how they each interact within your network. As a key component of the Safe Systems approach, our AI-driven SMART Operations software aims to protect everyone on the road, looking out for the most vulnerable road users.

SMART Survey eliminates human error. It's the reliable way to collect road data.

Gain a better understanding of your road users and how they interact with the road using SMART Survey. It’s a faster, more accurate, and more reliable way to collect this data so you can understand the patterns emerging on the roads. SMART Survey eliminates manual counting by hand, thus eliminating human error.


Monitor & Gauge Average Speeds.
Understand how road users interact with the roads and intersections through speed data breakdowns. You can view the average speed of all road users, broken down into 15-minute blocks.


Understand Trends.
Understand the flows and their patterns on your roads and intersections with Flows. See exactly which vehicles are using the road or intersection, when, and how they’re interacting with it.

Data Imports

Maintain Uniform Data Sets.
Import historical survey data so that all your data is in one single place. Easily compare historical records to see trends in road users and across your surveyed roads and intersections at a glance.

Here's how the platform works

Capture & upload your road footage, then leave it with SMART.

With AMAG’s SMART Survey, you can eliminate manual counting and analysis. SMART allows you to “set and forget”. Visit the intersection or road of interest, set up a camera and collect the footage. Then, upload it to your SMART platform. AI will review the footage and translate it into data, segmenting road users and providing data with its relevant context. Worried about collecting footage? Our team can help you get started.

You make road safety decisions sooner

Gain a clear understanding of traffic and its impacts on specific regions, roads or intersections. With accurate and timely data that’s segmented to display types of road users, average speeds at certain times throughout the day, and turning movements — you can understand where improvements are needed and logically prioritize these improvements.

Then, SMART stores your data for your own comparison

All footage and its accompanying data is stored in your SMART Survey dashboard. As well as that, you can upload your historical data, allowing anyone in your team to log into the system and find the necessary data reports in moments. You can compare datasets before and after improvements, benchmark your improvements, and back up your findings with timely, relevant data.

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