Our automated enforcement solutions provide you with custom built software, messaging and tools to monitor speeding and mobile phone usage.

Automated Speed Enforcement System

Automated Speed Enforcement Systems provide an affordable and highly reliable speed measurement and License Plate Reading (LPR) sensor that can be very easily deployed.


The Purpose of Automated Enforcement Solutions

The automated speed enforcement system provides full information about latest speed infringements, frequent speeders, and related statistics. Depending on your needs the system can be recustomized to also act as a parking and speed enforcement solution. The automated mobile phone detection system detects drivers using a phone for calls, text and data purposes and displays messages on variable message signs.

The Ramudden Digital Approach

We have a wide range of safety solutions to increase road safety, whether it be for drivers or pedestrians. These systems are future-proofed and are all open-data based so that it can support applications such as those required by connected & autonomous vehicles.

We Make it Work for You

Customization of any of our Intelligent Warning Systems is possible, and by pairing the right sensor with the right warning device, many niche applications can be satisfied. We have a dedicated team of solution engineers who excel at their jobs and would be happy to assist you with this process.

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