Automated Queue Warning Systems are a work zone intelligent transportation systems comprised of a set of roadside speed sensors and portable changeable message signs (PCMS). The system has a customizable speed threshold to accurately detect queued traffic. This information is then relayed to portable and responsive message signs that transmit warning messages to drivers upstream of the work zone.

What the Automated Queue Warning Systems Offers

Drivers can anticipate an upcoming situation of emergency braking and slow down, avoid erratic behaviour, and reduce queuing-related collisions. According to a 2015 Federal Highway Association study, Queue Warning Systems can reduce rear-end crashes and other severe accidents by up to 45%. This figure represents a substantial improvement in both safety for workers present on a job site, as well as motorists driving through it.
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Real-time Monitoring

Monitor the speed of vehicles along stretches of roadway to better prepare approaching drivers of slowdowns.

Reduce Accidents

A variety of in-depth studies have shown that this system can reduce rear-end and severe accidents by up to 45%.

Seamless Integration

Existing systems are able to integrate seamlessly with all of our Portable Changeable message signs (PCMS).

Get Traffic Moving

Delay the onset of congestion, improving smooth and efficient traffic flow and trip reliability.

How The Automated Queue Warning Systems Works

How does a Queue Warning System (QWS) Work?

Queue Warning Systems monitor vehicles’ speeds along specific stretches of roadway and then provide warnings via Portable Variable Message Signs (PVMS) to oncoming drivers once a slowdown has been detected. When employed in permanent installations, various sensors such as Doppler Radars, Inductive Loops Microwave and Video Detection systems can be used to monitor speeds. For more information, you can watch the End of Queue Warning System video below to form a better understanding of the process.

Watch Automated Queue Warning Systems in Action


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