With the most comprehensive ANPR/ALPR and 3D sensing solution available, the Viion TrafficCam 3D provides the performance needed to handle the most demanding traffic enforcement applications. Single-point speed enforcement,, red-light enforcement, block-the-box and 3D vehicle classification make the TrafficCam 3D a versatile enforcement tool.

What the Viion TrafficCam 3D Offers

The TrafficCam 3D offers super-accurate red-light and block-the-box traffic enforcement, determining a vehicle’s precise location and speed through an intersection along with the current state of signal lights. Additionally, this innovative product is built super-tough to ensure long-lasting durability, even in the toughest environments.

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Precision Speed Measurement

The multi-sensor 3D speed measurement software provides the ultimate level of precision traffic monitoring.

Red Light Enforcement

Accurate red light violation enforcement with 3D vehicle location, colour imaging and precision speed measurement.

Point-and-Go Setup

With automatic discovery and native in-browser streaming, simply point at the road and use the visual cues to confirm correct aiming.

Self Calibrating

Uses independent measurements for each vehicle speed computation, ensuring the integrity of every speed measurement without manual calibration checks.

Cut the Cord

Ideal for remote location installations: Onboard 3G cellular & amp; GPS and low power consumption for solar operation.

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