Central Software solutions provide users with the necessary means to remotely monitor, collect and analyze relevant traffic data via cloud-based integrations that work seamlessly with our Intelligent Transportation Systems.

TAPCO BlinkLink

BlinkLink® powered by TAPCO is a truly comprehensive cloud-based software application that agencies utilize to remotely manage and monitor Intelligent Warning Systems.


IoT Development Kits

IoT development projects empower communities with insights from connected devices in the physical world. Advanced technology is the driving force behind this fast-growing phenomenon making it easier than ever before to develop embedded IoT systems.


The Purpose of Central Software

Ramudden Digital offers flexible and reliable central software to provide safe and secure traffic solutions to communities across North America. We continue to proactively offer advanced transportation solutions to help emergency, transit and traffic personnel increase safety, minimize traffic congestion and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while maximizing resource efficiency and performance.

The Ramudden Digital Approach

Our technical specialists will seamlessly integrate the transportation industry’s leading central software into super energy-efficient, dynamic software solutions for true intelligent traffic control and monitoring. Our unparalleled technical services will always provide you with the absolute best solutions tailored for your specific traffic control needs.

Your Smart City

We think any city, town or neighbourhood can be a “smart city” without having to compromise on its central software needs, now or in the future. By drawing on our long-standing reputation as the leader in traffic safety, and by providing by the very best in available central software today, or in the future.

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