Dynamically Guiding Motorists Through Roadway Curves

Designed to fit the uniqueness of any curve, BlinkerChevron™ Dynamic Curve Warning Systems are made with a combination of super-bright flash activations, flash patterns and detection methods to effectively warn and guide drivers through the turn.

What The Tapco BlinkerChevronTM Dynamic Curve Warning System Offers

Flexible and highly visible, this system is as equally effective for lower speed roadways, as they are for high- speed highway curves. Proven to reduce horizontal curve crashes by 58%.

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Rugged Design

Built with super-tough materials and finishes that easily repel long-term exposure in harsh environments.

Flash Patterns

Fully customizable, super-vivid flash patterns are available in either sequential or simultaneous lighting arrays.

Solar Powered

Reliable and programmable solar power means quick setup virtually anywhere without the challenges of complex wiring.

Activation Options

Choose from a variety of activation options including; vehicle, speed and weather smart technologies.

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Watch the Tapco BlinkerChevronTM Dynamic Curve Warning System in Action


Tapco BlinkerChevronTM Dynamic Curve Warning System Case Study

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Challenge: Reduce in-curve accidents on Highway I-94 westbound to Highway I-43 northbound horizontal curve ramp at the Marquette Interchange.

Solution: BlinkerChevronTM Dynamic Curve Warning System.

Result: 15 months post-installation, the ramp saw a 97 percent reduction in accidents.

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