The Emergency Vehicle Warning System provides a highly visible advance warning to drivers approaching the emergency vehicle station exit and entry points. This device can be wirelessly activated via a push-button inside the vehicle station or by remote activation key fobs inside the emergency vehicle.

What the TAPCO Emergency Vehicle Warning System Offers

Heightened driver awareness and is ideal for roadways with visibility challenges such as broad curves and hidden driveways. Emergency Vehicle Warning Systems flash warning alerts upon activation.
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Real-Time Alerts

Accurately indicates the exact moment an emergency vehicle is about to exit or enter a station. Preventing accidents, and improving response timelines.

Quick Activation for First Responders

Sensors quickly activate the signs super-bright LEDs, providing a clear indicator to oncoming motorists of emergency vehicles entering/exiting a location.

Integrates with EVP Systems

Allows emergency vehicles to immediately disrupt regular signal cycles in order to proceed more quickly and under safer conditions.

Solar-Power Capability

Utilizing the solar feature allows for worry-free use during power outages caused by either power-grid issues, or extreme weather conditions.

Activation Confirmation Light

As an added assurance, an optional activation confirmation light is available to keeps operators aware of when the system is active.
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