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High water warning systems are not only important for alerting drivers of the dangers ahead, but are also important to be utilized as a remote warning system for authorities to take action. The system prevents vehicle gridlocks and saves city agencies valuable time and resources that can be used elsewhere especially during times of serious environmental crises.

What The Tapco Dynamic Flood Warning System Offers

LED- enhanced solar warning signs caution drivers of impassable roadways, exit routes and hazardous driving conditions. The sophisticated warning system gives motorists the opportunity to turn around and take an alternate route avoiding major backups. The system is built to function in even the harshest weather conditions and is built to withstand extreme environmental abuse.
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Responsive Sensors

Automatically senses escalating water and activates LEDs warning motorists

Mobile Capabilities

Can be easily set up or removed in minutes (optional folding model)

Remote Activation

Effortlessly trigger on-site or remotely by key fob or central PC

Dual/Single Options

Offered in both BlinkerSign®, Dual or in Single BlinkerBeaconTM

Dependable Power

Completely off-grid solar system perfect for during and post-storm electrical outages

Highly Detectable

Extremely visible in both daytime/nighttime up to two miles
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Areas of Application

High Water Warning Systems are the ideal solution for a variety of situations where flooding is of major concern. Effective for areas including, but not limited to; frequently flooded areas, tidal zones, underpasses and hurricane zones.
The fiber optic water device is a super low-energy way to trigger systems in flood-prone areas. The sensors housing is mounted in the curb or attached to a street pole and will automatically trigger the TAPCO BlinkerSign® or BlinkerBeaconTM blinking LEDs when water climbs to a pre-determined level.
The pole-mounted water sensor is simply fixed at the ground level to trigger BlinkerSign® LED signs or BlinkerBeaconTM flashing beacons in flood areas. The tube-mounted sensor permits for a wide range of activation depths.

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