Considered to be at the top of their class by those within the traffic industry, Houston Radar Systems provide superior quality and reliability no matter what the environment. When true accuracy matters most, we have exactly what you need to keep your roadway moving more safely and efficiently.

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SpeedLaneProTM® Side-Fire Radar

The Houston Radar SpeedlaneProTM® is a state of the art ultra-low-power usage integrated multi-lane traffic measurement radar that utilizes the very latest in radar technology to precisely identify lane, speed and type of specific vehicles as well as calculating overall per lane volume.


Armadillo TrackerTM

The Armadillo TrackerTM is a completely integrated multi-lane bidirectional traffic data collecting device for monitoring roadways. The system boasts a super-small size and easy setup, along with cutting-edge wireless connectivity, makes this system a proven winner in the field.


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