Innovative Traffic Data Collecting

The Armadillo Tracker™ is a high-quality, fully integrated multi-lane bidirectional traffic data-gathering device for monitoring roadways. It’s compact, no hassle field setup, non-intrusive sensing technology and long-range wireless connectivity ensure operational safety during installation and data retrieval.

What The Houston Armadillo TrackerTM Offers

The Armadillo TrackerTM is the world’s smallest, fully-integrated radar traffic counter. With its easy-to-use interface and unyielding stability, it can collect multi-lane, bidirectional traffic data up to four lanes with 97% traffic count accuracy. The Armadillo TrackerTM comes with a long-lasting built-in LiFeP04 rechargeable battery pack that is optimized for low consumption.

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Radar-based Traffic Statistics Collection

Collect individual time-stamped vehicle counts, speeds and class (up to 3) per direction in up to 2+2 lanes.

Multi-lane, Bi-directional Versatility

Aggregate Multi-Lane Bidirectional Counting enables users to collect traffic data in both directions for up to four lanes with a single device.

Real-time Computing

The application provides intuitive GUI to set all configuration parameters and display real-time plots of the targets, lane by lane counts and accumulated count histograms.

High-capacity Onboard Memory

The onboard solid-state memory allows for accurate recording and stores data for up to 350,000 individual vehicles that can be downloaded in as little as 2 minutes.

Optional Geotagging

With Geotagging, you can move the Armadillo Tracker™ from place to place before downloading all data sets – every data set will be properly associated with its location.

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Aggregate Multi-Lane Bidirectional Counting

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