The iCone® is capable of locating itself and monitoring traffic speeds, all while playing an active role in managing the flow of traffic in and around work zones. The system can be remotely operated and monitored from a desktop, smartphone or tablet. The iCone® system makes work zone safety affordable and manageable for all job sizes.


Connected Arrowboard

The Connected Arrowboard is targeted to work in larger work zones wherever a truck-mounted or trailer mounted arrowboard is being used. The product will monitor not just the on/off status of the board, but also exactly what kind of arrow is being used.
  • Monitor and log when and where the arrowboard turned on and what arrow was turned on
  • Fully integrates with existing systems, with no extra steps required, simply use the board as you normally would.
  • Sold with 3 years of unlimited data bundle, no unexpected cost

iPin™ – The Connected Cone

The iPin™ is a simple and easy to use connected solution for small work zones such as arterial lane closures and roadside work. Simply flip the switch and place the iPin in one of your traffic cones and your work zone will be on Waze within minutes.
  • Onboard solar and battery provides up to 7 days autonomous running; recharge with a microUSB cord
  • Single on/off switch
  • Sold with 3 years of unlimited data bundle, no unexpected cost

What the iCone® Connected Tech Offers

iCone® provides a work zone management system that sets up in minutes and can be remotely operated and monitored from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Simply place the iCone® roadside, position it towards traffic and turn on with a flip of the switch. From your device you can visit and immediately view the traffic conditions at each iCone®. Related work zones can be grouped together, locations of arrow and variable message sign boards and other objects in or close to the work zone will be visible on the map. Each iCone® can be setup with specific function as part of a queue detection, as the taper, or as inside the actual work zone.
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Dynamic Work Zone Planning

The iCone® system is portable and easy to set up. It allows for fast and accurate traffic data collection without investing in permanent infrastructure.


The data feeds are highly integratable into 3rd party systems.

Emergency Evacuation System

The iCone® Emergency Evacuation System is an off the grid temporary traffic information network designed for safety purposes.

Live Data

With an online maps feature, users are able to view traffic as it happens live.

Waze Connected

Real-time crowdsourced traffic and navigation app powered by the world’s largest community of drivers.

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