Keeping motorists up-to-date and traffic moving as efficiently as possible, our Intelligent Warning Systems integrate state-of-the-art technologies that allow signs to respond quickly, accurately and intelligently based on their unique environmental conditions.

Wrong-Way Warning Systems

Wrong-way warning signs will instantaneously sense any type of vehicle traveling in the wrong direction and respond with a high visibility signal warning to the driver to that will alert them to correct the direction of his vehicle.


High-Water Warning Systems

High-Water Warning Systems accurately sense increasing water levels in and around roadways. Once Triggered, high-visibility blinking LEDs Alert Motorists to the dangers ahead.


Overheight Detection Warning Systems

The Overheight Detection Warning System automatically identifies over height vehicles while they are still well ahead of approaching low structures and effectively warns motorists of an impending impact ahead.


Intersection Conflict Warning Systems

Intersection Conflict Warning Systems lower the possibility of crashes at two-way stop intersections by offering live warnings to drivers approaching the intersection when cross-traffic is present.


Curve Warning Systems

Curve Warning Systems help motorists to stay aware of curves in the road and effectively directs them through the entire length of the bend through flashing BlinkerChevronTM signs on activation.


Emergency Vehicle Warning System

The Emergency Vehicle Warning System provides a highly-visible advance warning by utilizing brightly lit LEDs to motorists approaching an emergency vehicle station egress or ingress.


Icy Road Warning System

The Icy Road Warning System provides motorists with real-time warnings when icy roads are ahead so they can proceed and drive with caution. Linked to the Surface Sentinel, the LEDs flash only when road conditions are icy.


Automated Speed Enforcement System

Automated Speed Enforcement Systems provide an affordable and highly reliable speed measurement and License Plate Reading (LPR) sensor that can be very easily deployed.


Mobile Phone Detection System

This system features a sensor capable of detecting vehicles with active phone signals. Once the predetermined parameters are set, the sensor will pick up any drivers using a phone for calls, texts or data purposes.


The Purpose of Intelligent Warning Systems

These systems incorporate full automation and intelligence to be precisely targeted and contextualized. This creates incredibly intelligent systems, which help the public stay informed and assists traffic operators by providing real-time feedback and alerts.

The Ramudden Digital Approach

We have a wide range of safety solutions to increase road safety, whether it be for drivers or pedestrians. These systems are future-proofed and are all open-data based so that it can support applications such as those required by connected & autonomous vehicles.

We Make it Work for You

Customization of any of our Intelligent Warning Systems is possible, and by pairing the right sensor with the right warning device, many niche applications can be satisfied. We have a dedicated team of solution engineers who excel at their jobs and would be happy to assist you with this process.

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