Proven to Reduce Collision Occurrences at High-Risk Intersections

These intelligent warning systems significantly reduce the overall likelihood of accidents at hazardous two-way intersections by delivering real-time advance warnings to drivers approaching the intersection when oncoming cross-traffic exists.

What The Tapco Intersection Conflict Warning System Offers

With reliable wireless warnings that activate all alerts in unison, this system delivers safety in the most effective way possible, and has been proven to drastically reduce intersection collisions by well over 45%.

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Solar Powered

Using solar power ensures reliability in the event of major power outages as the result of severe weather or other occurrences.

Combined Warnings

Through the utilization of a combination of visual warning cues, the system ensures that motorists will be alerted to warnings.

Simple Installation

Wireless installation ensures both simple and rapid installation without the need for laying electrical lines or power sources.

Smart City Ready

Easily and seamlessly integrates into any pre-existing or brand-new ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)

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How Does It Work

These intelligent warning systems a made up of vehicle sensors mounted on one of the roadways, or both roadways, dependent on your specific needs. The sensors are activated by vehicles approaching the intersection, then, the BlinkerSign®, LED Signs or BlinkerBeaconTM signs are sent a wireless signal in real-time to activate a highly visible flashing warning to alert drivers of potential danger ahead.

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