Advanced technology is the driving force behind IoT development projects. Everyday objects are being combined with Internet connectivity and powerful data analytics that continually transform the way we live. Stinson ITS is proud to offer solutions as well as support to developers with IoT kits such as those shown below. We provide assistance and consulting services for all the products and kits offered.

LORIX One IP43 and IP65 Gateways

The LORIX One is a very small, high-performance, and easily deployed LoRaWAN IoT gateway that can communicate with the Internet without having a WiFi or 3G connection. It is specifically designed for the creation of large-scale public networks. View


This third-generation SODAQ ONE is Equipped with a solar charge controller and running efficiently on a LiPo or permanent battery, the SODAQ ONE is a small-scale prototyping board for the LoRa RN2483 to develop IoT applications.


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