Liveable Cities, a new division of LED Roadway Lighting, offers a line of streetlight mounted sensors that combine onboard LTE-M communication and robust cloud software to offer a turn key data collection solution that takes 5 minutes to install and works immediately. The sensors plug into a NEMA socket on top of any streetlight and, better yet, they are offered As A Service.

Smart City Solutions & Applications

Liveable Cities focuses on smart city applications by using advanced sensors and powerful software to produce valuable, actionable insights.

Adding sensors to your lighting network is your gateway to the Smart City. Micro-sensing is a new, scalable way to collect more information to inform decisions, at a fraction of the cost of traditional sensors.

SLX network controllers are modular and “smart ready”, allowing for tool-less installation of various smart city sensors.

Speed Sensing

Dramatically reduce the cost of fixed position traffic data collectors.

• On-demand speed data 24/7 including 85th percentile, top speed, overspeed & enforcement reports
• Long-term traffic trend analysis for road maintenance planning
• Adaptive lighting planning/scheduling based on in-field traffic measurements

Acoustic & Pollution Sensing

The Acoustic Sensor can collect acoustic data and report results based on a threshold basis.

The Pollution Sensor can collect data for CO2, O3, O2, NOx, and Air Quality (PM2.5, PM10)

Camera Sensor

The camera sensor is a dual camera sensor which is continuously capturing video data locally as well as supporting remote video streaming and downloading of specific recordings. The easiest camera to deploy on the market, in 5 minutes you can have 1080p video monitoring of an entire stretch of roadway

SmartLinx Central Management System (CMS) is a web-based portal and interface which gives you control of your street lighting assets and sensors​.

  • Intuitive easy to use interface, secure, 100% web based GUI.
  • Asset Management, Auto discovery & commisioning + GPS locations of new devices, Stores asset information for all device types (traffic, pollution, noise, lighting).
  • Flexible user configurable reports based on user defined inventory lists.
  • Displays alerts by region, user definable alert levels.
  • Automation Center includes building blocks for Reports, Alarms, Events, Notification Actions, Ticket Actions, Analytics, Command Actions and Active Period.
  • User Management to limit users to specific Role and Group Permission.
  • Supports TALQ2 Protocol for Smart Cities.
  • Supports Open Smart City Protocol (OSCP).
  • Extensive robust API for data exchange.

Smart City Micro-Sensing Solutions for today and tomorrow.


Our SmartLinx micro-sensors are an innovative technology that can easily launch a smart city with low cost and low risk on existing public streetlights that have a NEMA receptacle. The micro-sensors allow for tool-less installation of various smart city


Plug & Play Design


Streetlights have a global, standardized NEMA socket. Our micro-sensors fit on this standard socket, which allows the sensors to connect on any streetlight globally.

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Speed Sensing

The speed sensor provides traditional speed metrics such as:

• Average speed
• 85th percentile
• Peak Speed
• Over speeding


Air Quality (Particulates)

The particulate matter sensor provides measurement of airborne particulates in the following sizes:

• PM2.5
• PM10


Noise Sensing (Acoustic)

The noise sensor provides sensing and reporting of the following noise levels:

• Average LEQ
• Min and Max LEQ


Video Recording

The video sensor records up to 14 days of continuous video locally on the device, which can be retrieved on demand in the event of an accident or incident.

Signage is also available for preventative programs


Air Quality (Gas)

The gas sensors can detect either:

• Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
• Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)
• Ozone (O3)


Video Counter

The video counter allows for video retrieval paired with video analysis services for traffic studies.

Over The Air (OTA) upgrade in the future will allow for detection at the edge, with no video upload required

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