As cities and towns grow, traffic has become more complex than ever before. Understanding this, Miovision has created the TrafficLink platform to help traffic engineers create more responsive and efficient traffic networks, ensuring the right people get the critical information they need, at the right time.


Miovision Synergy

Miovision Synergy

Miovision TrafficLink Components

TrafficLink allows you to remotely manage and track your traffic network, while also providing industry-leading performance measures and actionable insights.

Miovision CORE® DCM

Roadside video analysis for vehicle detection, traffic counts, and event alerts. Plug-and-play upgrade from Miovision Core.

Miovision CORE®

Secure wireless access to manage your intersections. Future ready.

SmartView 360

The Miovision SmartView 360 camera extends your remote signal management capabilities with the power to see what’s happening at an intersection in real time, or in the past.

What TrafficLink Offers

By combining the very best in software and hardware, TrafficLink helps traffic engineers work more effectively and efficiently without having to rebuild their current infrastructure. Cities should be able to control their data. With Miovision, that’s what they get. Cities can choose to share their data with, whether it’s other city divisions, partners, or other authorities, it’s their choice. From there, cities and others can use that valuable data to create innovative solutions on top of the existing Miovision platform, ultimately making their city smarter, one piece at a time.

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Remote Capabilities

Monitor & manage signals remotely so you can effectively prioritize your resources without even leaving your desk.

Enhanced Analytics

Improve your existing traffic network by implementing automated traffic signal performance measures (ATSPMs).

Actionable Insights

Leverage the world’s most sophisticated traffic AI SmartView 360 camera to gain important insights.

Open Architecture

With TrafficLink’s open architecture software, you can easily add, upgrade, and switch out existing components.

Instant Connectivity

Get your intersections completely setup up and running more efficiently in minutes, not weeks or months.

Seamless Upgrading

TrafficLink allows you to acquire past and current data from your existing controllers and cabinet devices.

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Watch the Miovision TrafficLink in Action

Miovision TrafficLink Case Studies


Location: Milton, Ontario

Challenge: Very poor traffic progression at multiple intersections causing significant slow-downs and inefficiencies.

Solution: Miovision SmartLink and SmartSense Integration.

Result: Substantial improvements in travel time at both intersections were realized over a relatively short period of time.

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Location: Waterloo, Ontario

Challenge: Reliant solely on citizen complaints or police calls to have authorities alerted to traffic problems or emergencies.

Solution: Miovision TrafficLink

Result: Video footage alerted and confirmed traffic backups due to an accident, and allowed the team to monitor the situation remotely.

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Miovision TrafficLink Software Modules

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