The Navtech ClearWay 360 Radar is an Automatic Incident Detection (AID) system that helps improve safety and traffic flow. Additionally, it enables Smart Highways, roads, bridges and tunnels around the world. By alerting control rooms to incidents in real-time, a response can be initiated quickly, thereby significantly reducing the chance of a second incident from occurring.

Automatic Incident Detection

Identifies the exact location of an incident within mere seconds of the occurrence.

All-Weather Conditions

High performance, even in the most extreme weather and poor lighting conditions.

Count and Classify

Analyzes multiple lanes, road occupancy, speed, vehicle size and direction.

Data Recording

Gathers and processes large amounts of concise data in real-time.

Low False Alarm

Extremely low overall false alarm occurrences.

Situational Awareness

Real-time location of vehicles and people to coordinate an emergency response.
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Navtech ClearWayTM 360° Radar Case Studies

Location: Surrey, United Kingdom Challenge: Keeping traffic flowing in Hindhead Tunnel. Solution: Complete situation awareness. Result: Navtech Radar’s ClearWay solution was installed as the automatic incident detection system for Hindhead tunnel. The trial demonstrated ClearWay’s ability to function effectively within a tunnel bore, as all artificially generated incidents were recorded and the system had a low false alarm rate of less than one per day.

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Location: London, United Kingdom Challenge: Detecting stopped vehicles on highways. Solution: Rapid detection and response. Result: 27 ClearWay’s installed and rigorously tested. The result verified that the system monitors all traffic and alerts the control centre immediately when a rule or behaviour is broken. The radar detected a stationary vehicle and alerted the operator within 12 seconds.

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