Identifies Overheight Vehicles in Advance of Lower Structures

Tapco’s Overheight Detection System employs infrared sensors that are mounted on both sides of the roadway well in advance of any impending structures and this forms an infrared beam above the roadway. In the event that an overheight vehicle disrupts the beam, the receiver instantly directs a signal to trigger the warning alert, letting the driver know that there is an imminent impact ahead.

What The Tapco Overheight Detection Warning System Offers

With the most reliable technology in the industry, this system has proven time-and-time again to prevent severe damage to both low roadway structures and vehicles.
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Tailored Height

Sensor heights can easily be adjusted based on individual project requirements allowing for maximum accuracy when detecting vehicles.

Optional BlinkLink Programming

BlinkLink® cameras capture an image of the overheight vehicle once triggered and sends an alert to predetermined contacts by text/email.

LED-Enhanced Warning Alerts

HI-visibility LED’s ensure that drivers can easily see the warning signal in both daytime/nighttime conditions, as well as during severe low-visibility weather.

Solar or AC power

Utilizing the solar feature allows for worry-free use during power outages caused by extreme weather conditions.
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Areas of Application

Ideal for bridges, tunnels, weigh stations, underpasses and other areas that have height-restrictive structures.

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