Notifying pedestrians and warning motorists approaching a school zone to drive with the utmost care, School Zone Flashers & Beacons offer the added visibility that traditional school zone signs do not.

Solar School Zone BlinkerSign

Solar School Zone BlinkerSigns are designed to capture drivers’ attention and enhance roadway compliance in school zones via highly-visible LED lights.


School Zone Solar-Powered BlinkerBeacon

School Zone BlinkerBeacons utilizes 12” lenses and are used as enhancement warnings at school zones and pedestrian crossings, high-risk intersections and high-traffic areas.


RRFB Top-of-Pole School Crossing System

RRFB Top-of-Pole School Crossing Systems adhere to school zone safety. The beacon flashes specified combinations of wig-wag and simultaneous patterns when activated.


DirecTime Retrofit Time Clock Controller

DirecTimeTM; Retrofit Time Clock Controllers can be easily swapped with existing time clocks. Coupled with TAPCO’s BlinkLinkTM, they offer a two-way communication between users and their time clocks.


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