Traditionally used as an enhancement warning at pedestrian crossings, heavily trafficked areas and dangerous intersections, BlinkerBeaconTM Flashing LED Beacons provide drivers real-time, and clear warnings as to when to slow down or stop completely.

What the TAPCO BlinkerBeaconTM Offers

Featuring new top-of-pole mounting, 12″ lenses and solar power capabilities, BlinkerBeaconTM utilizes photocell sensors that allow the system to dim based upon ambient light automatically. This enables them to maintain optimal LED output and an extended battery life. These units can be mounted onto new or existing round, square or wood posts and are highly configurable for multiple applications.
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Solar-Power Capability

Utilizing the solar feature allows for worry-free use during power outages caused by extreme weather conditions.

Real-Time Alerts

BlinkerBeacons accurately indicate the exact moment when the system has been activated, and all in real-time.

LED-Enhanced Warning Alerts

Highly visibility LED’s ensure drivers can easily see the beacon in both daytime and nighttime conditions, as well as during severe low-visibility weather.

Variable Dimming

BlinkerBeaconTM LEDs automatically dim based upon ambient light, allowing them to maintain optimal LED output and extended battery life.

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