Effective traffic monitoring and analytics system are essential for any intelligent traffic control system. Our variety of traffic sensors are specially equipped to track motorists, pedestrians and animals in motion, while accurately keeping track of changing conditions across the network.

AMAG’s Conflict Analysis

By leveraging machine learning models and extracting actionable data from cameras sensors, AMAG’s technology empowers cities with the data they need to proactively identify potential conflicts and hazards, leading to early interventions and prioritized safety measures.


Bosch ITS Cameras

Built-in video processing, analytics engines that turn the camera into a smart sensor and so much more. These cameras can be used for a multitude of different applications.


Stinson AIS Bluetooth & WiFi Detector

Effectively notifies drivers about the duration of their trip on a defined stretch of highway, the travel time system can be deployed in both temporary and permanent applications.


Houston Radar Systems

When true accuracy matters most, Houston Radar Systems are considered by many at the top of their class in providing superior quality and reliability regardless of the environment.


Navtech ClearWay 360 Radar

Helping to improve safety and traffic flow, the Navtech ClearWay 360 Radar is an Automatic Incident Detection (AID) system that alerts control rooms to incidents in real-time.


Why Traffic Sensors?

Sensors are a vital component of Smart Cities, as they are the “eyes and ears” that enable all the “smart” functions that are trying to be achieved. Traffic sensing technology is about much more than merely monitoring vehicles these days; it’s about truly understanding the complete picture by taking into account all modes of transportation. To that end, smart sensors must be multimodal by nature and be able to detect and track not just cars accurately, but also bikes, pedestrians, buses and transport trucks.

The Ramudden Digital Approach

Ramudden Digital has a philosophy of supporting true open-architecture and open-data focused solutions. We are against the monopolies and proprietary traps that have forever locked out cities and agencies into having to use only one single technology provider. We understand that this outdated and impractical approach restricts any real innovation from occurring and that in the end does not serve the public good. All of Ramudden Digitals products are supportive of open data and collaboration with other technologies.

Heading Into The Future

How we view smart cities moving forward with technology-based innovation strategies and technologies that improve the lives of the city’s population and the world around us. Ramudden Digital has positioned itself to be a true innovator in the ever-growing future smart city space by actively monitoring new and emerging technologies and by ensuring that we are first to market as state-of-the-art smart city products emerge into the ever-changing ITS market.

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