ITS Central is an application designed to integrate with a large number of open data sources, data from customers’ existing systems, and hardware and video sources.

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What The Transnomis ITS Central Offers

With an entirely browser-based user interface, ITS Central doesn’t require any special software installed on the user’s computer. All that is needed is an up-to-date browser such as Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher), Chrome, Firefox, or Safari work well. This advanced software can also be accessed by most browsers on mobile devices and doesn’t rely on Flash, Java, or Silverlight to function. If what you’re looking for is a reliable system that offers the best in technology and seamless operation, it doesn’t get much better than Transnomis ITS Central. If you ever need support with this product, our team is ready to help you every step of the way. Contact us anytime for an obligation-free consultation of Transnomis ITS Central.
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Browser-based Interface

Users can access ITS Central from machines running virtually any operating system, providing ease of deployment and flexibility in accessing the network.

Map Display

Map display gives a complete overview of roads and has a high-performance overlay feature that has a simultaneous display of colour-coded road speed tiles.

Open Data Integration

By integrating a variety of open data sources (e.g., traffic camera images) within the context of locally available data sources, ITS Central adds significant user value.

Travel Time Features

Users can create a “Travel Time Path” – an arbitrary path on the road where link-by-link traffic data is collected and combined into travel time data.

VMS Integration

With a fully introduced PVMS control and management interface, users can conveniently set up automated messages to relay relevant traffic information.

Security Features

Group-based user permissions model allows access to be customized, and interactions logged can be reviewed by administrative staff at any time.

Transnomis ITS Central Case Studies

Location: York Region, ON Challenge: Keeping track of and remotely controlling trailer-mounted electronic signs. Solution: Transnomis ITS Central Result: Transnomis was used to track 8 electronic message signs’ locations and remotely control their messaging as well as track road closures, accidents and construction projects.

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Location: Cobourg, ON Challenge: Combat poor visibility on stretch of the 401 between Cobourg and Colborne. Solution: Transnomis ITS Central Result: System integrates with weather stations. If poor visibility is detected, it activates a message on the PVMSs and warning flashers, swing signs and sends email notifications to MTO staff.

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