Ver-Mac’s JamLogic Smart Work Zone software is a flexible and customizable system that collects data from portable sensors and other devices, and creates automated messages via electronic message signs to provide motorists with real-time travel information.

What the Ver-Mac JamLogic Offers

With the use of high-speed modems, Ver-Mac’s JamLogic Smart Work Zone software connects with field sensing devices and/or third-party providers to gather data. Once the data has been collected, the server analyzes it using preset or customizable logic and messages. JamLogic then automates the necessary messaging and displays it on fixed and portable electronic message boards to share real-time information with the motoring public.
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Flexible & Customizable

Easily access interactive lists, graphs, maps and custom reports with full and detailed colour-coded data.

Real-time Project Visibility

Stay informed and up-to-date with real-time message displays, including battery status and full diagnostic information.

Seamless Integration

JamLogic integrates seamlessly with Ver-Mac message boards and many other types of smart work zone equipment.

Automated Email & Text Alerts

Receive automated email and text alerts straight to your devices for fast, reliable and detailed information.

Streaming Video with PTZ Control

Stream and record live videos of work zones with a full pan, tilt and zoom camera, along with unlimited viewer access.

How The Ver-Mac JamLogic Systems Works


Ver-Mac JamLogic Smart Work Zone software collects data wirelessly through high-speed modems from a variety of third-party traffic flow providers and/or field sensing devices.


Based on algorithms, Ver-Mac JamLogic servers analyze all the data. The logic and messaging is predetermined by the agency and/or project engineer.


JamLogic automates the messages and provides real-time information to drivers, project managers and public websites. JamLogic can also provide users with text and/or email notifications of incidents.

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