Our Smart Work Zone solutions utilize powerful software for the purpose of data collection and data analysis to provide motorists with fully automated traffic information about oncoming traffic conditions in real-time.

Travel Time Systems

Travel Time Systems help drivers make informed decisions about their travel routes. All Stinson ITS travel time systems’ messages are based on real-time data gathered by roadway detectors that measure vehicle speeds as well as other information.


Automated Queue Warning (AQW) Systems

Automated Queue Warning Systems are traditionally used for highway work zones. These systems work by monitoring the speeds of vehicles along a stretch of roadway and then provides a warning to approaching motorists when a slowdown is detected.


Work Zone Management Software

Provides users with transparent web-based access to all data and devices. The software analyzes traffic data and provides information in real-time to the driving public, agencies, traffic management centers (TMC), project managers and public websites.


TC-31A Truck Entrance & Exit Advanced Warning System

The TC-31A provides vehicle detection at the truck exit, as well a wireless activation of flashing warning beacons at the site of the sign. The sign is coupled with a “When Flashing” tab, so motorists are made aware of the system’s remote activation.


Pioneering Work Zone Technologies

Utilizing wireless sensor technology to move motorists through construction zones safely and efficiently. We pioneered technologies like Travel Time Systems and Temporary Queue Warning systems that are now common throughout modern Work Zones.

The Ramudden Digital Approach

Ramudden Digital has focused our expertise on leveraging a positive work zone experience to lessen the impact of construction activity, not only on traffic corridors where the actual construction is taking place; but also, on the whole, traffic network impacted by such work.

Leveraging Technology

Using integrations between non-intrusive detection technologies, and powerful software, we incorporate traffic signal networks into a solid Smart Work Zone management plan. We use this data to instantly optimize signal timing to manage traffic at a network level.

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