Real-time Warning Notification Signs

Wrong-Way Warning Systems alert and prevent drivers from making wrong-way movements onto restricted roadways by providing highly visible warning cues that standard traffic signs do not.


What The Tapco Wrong-Way Warning BlinkerSign® System Offers

Uniquely engineered to fit any ramp configuration, these systems detect wrong-way drivers and immediately activate LED-enhanced flashing alerts that send real-time notifications through software integrations to Traffic Management personnel.
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24/7 Alerts

TAPCO flashing wrong-way alerts operate 24/7 and are a cost-effective step to mitigate wrong-way drivers and to ensure that drivers take corrective action to avoid accidents.

Scheduled “Dusk ‘Til Dawn” Alerts

TAPCO’s Time Clock functionality enables users to schedule wrong-way flashing alerts that activate only during specific times, allowing for energy saving flexibility.

Vehicle Activated Alerts

Activated when wrong-way vehicle movements are detected, the Wrong-Way Warning BlinkerSign® System is an excellent standalone solution to keep any roadway safe.
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Solar BlinkerSign® with Thermal Detector Wrong-Way Alert System

Stinson ITS - Suppliers of Tapco Wrong-Way Warning Systems

Watch the Tapco Wrong-Way Warning BlinkerSign® System in Action


Tapco Wrong-Way Warning BlinkerSign® System Case Study

Location: San Antonio, Texas Challenge: Wrong-way drivers were becoming a regular occurrence on San Antonio roadways. Solution: TAPCO LED-Enhanced Wrong-Way BlinkerSign® Result: TxDOT San Antonio District has seen about a 30 percent reduction in wrong-way driving events.

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